King Albert II and Queen Paola Pose With Their Grandchildren

King Albert II and Queen Paola had an official photo taken with their 12 grandchildren.

Front row (L to R): Prince Emmanuel , Prince Gabriel, Princess Elisabeth, Queen Paola holding Princess Eleonore, King Albert II holding Prince Nicolas, Princess Laeticia Maria and Princess Louise.

Back row: Princess Claire holding son Prince Aymeric of Belgium, Prince Amadeo, Princess Luisa Maria in between, Prince Joachim and Princess Maria Laura.

Source: Hello! Magazine

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  1. bluezy

    I count 13 kids in that picture

  2. Sophie

    Top left is Princess Claire, who is the mother of Prince Aymeric (who she is holding), Prince Nicolas and Princess Louise. Princess Claire is married to Prince Laurent, the son of King Albert II and Queen Paola.

  3. anne

    My favorite thing about this photo is Princess Elisabeth’s precociously elegant crossing of her legs … fabulous!

  4. I love the name Eleonore! It sounds so… cute! She is so lucky to be in a royal family. If I got to choose to be Princess for a day then I would totally do it! Then, people would have to call me Princess Erin. (ha ha). I hope Princess Eleonore grows up to be as cute and adorable as her siblings! That is a lot of siblings! She has a total of 13 siblings! If I had that many siblings, I would never leave the house because I would never be bored. (ha ha).

  5. Sophie

    The children aren’t all brothers and sisters mostly cousins. They are split between the children of the King and Queen.

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