Deacon Gets Picked Up From Football Camp

Ryan Phillippe picked up Deacon from football camp yesterday. Looks like the little guy had a busy day at camp and was happy to see his dad!

How many of you are sending your kids to camp this year? We’re trying two weeks of 1/2 day camp – the kids are excited!

Photos: Flynet

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  1. Rachel

    who is the girl? abbie cornish?

  2. nosoupforyou

    My son has been going to sleep away camp since he was 7. My husband is picking him up now from a week at Yosemite. He goes again for a week in August in the Sequoia National Forrest. He will also attend a 1/2 day baseball camp for a week.

    I love camp. Day camp is good for both younger an older kids. It keeps them busy and they learn new skills.

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