Helen Hunt & Makena Lei @ The Beach

Helen Hunt spends a day at the beach with daughter Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan, 4, and boyfriend Matthew Carnahan.

Photos: Flynet

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  1. Anonymous

    Put a shirt on that little girl.

  2. Amanda

    oh I’ve seen other photos the paps have taken of her daughter and she was running around a beach totally nude,I mean come on Helen put a swimsuit on her!you know paps are going to be taking photos.

  3. Whitney

    Come on people. She’s only 4 years old. Since when does a 4-year-old need to show modesty. What do they have to hide? Why is it okay for little boys to run around without a shirt on, but not little girls? European children run around naked or shirtless until they are seven or so. Americans need to grow up! Besides, I find it more offensive when little girls wear scant bikinis. That is definitely more vulgar than nudity in my opinion.

  4. ivy

    yeah shes getting a little old for that. also her skin is so fair, even with sunblock she should be covered up.

  5. Rachel

    Because there are thousands of sicko pedophiles online right now who get their jollies from naked children. If you are so naive to think it doesn’t happen, then maybe it’s just you who needs to grow up.

  6. ivy

    they do ALOT of things in europe….that doesnt make it ok in the US.

  7. Natalie

    Quite frankly it doens’t matter what her daughter is wearing/not wearing its the fact that the paps are there taking those photos thats the problem. Who honestly would feel comfortable selling pictures of a half naked little girl, however innocent?

  8. Amanda

    I agree with 5,Rachel.There are sick people online who love seeing stuff like that and I also agree that she’s fair skinned,very very much so and could easily burn badly even with sunblock on bc of the lack of clothing or even a swimsuit.

  9. Eagle

    That’s not just the best awnser. It’s the bestest answer!

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