Rob Lowe & Family @ LAX

Actor Rob Lowe arrives at LAX with wife Sheryl Berkoff and their son, Edward Matthew, 14 1/2, (R). I’m not sure if the boy on the left is younger son John Owen, 13. If anyone knows for sure let me know in the comments.

They all seemed to be excited as they headed off on vacation.

Photos Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Nat

    Isn’t Matthew the one on the RIGHT? And that def DOES NOT look like Rob’s son on the left??

  2. Nat – you’re right, after research (since I’ve never seen both boys together) Matthew is on the right – and I’m not sure about the other boy. I’ve never seen pictures of them before. I was going by what the photographer said. Thanks 😉

  3. Ashley

    The boy on the right is Jake Greenwald a friend of Mathew and John Owens.

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