Angelina Concentrates On Her Most Important Role ‘Mom’

Having taken on so many acting roles on in the past, actress Angelina Jolie, who is expecting twins this summer with fellow actor and partner Brad Pitt, says as her due date nears she is now concentrating on her most important role – as mom to Maddox Chivan, 6 1/2, Pax Thien, 4 1/2, Zahara Marley, 3 1/2, and Shiloh Nouvel, 2.

“At the same time we’re expecting two, we have four, so my focus now is on the four we have. And these are some big times for them, big moments in their lives. So every day is just about making sure that their schooling is going right and their manners are intact and we’re disciplining properly and we’re spending enough time with them individually, so they seem special. That’s a lot of balance when you have a lot of children.”

The 33-year-old also praised Brad for being such a “hands-on dad.”

“I’m very lucky — I’m with a man who makes me feel very sexy pregnant and loves children. In the last few months it’s hard for me to pick up the other kids, so he’s there to help lift them up to me and things like that. Any woman knows that when you’re pregnant, if you have a partner who is embracing it with you and excited with you, it makes all the difference. I’m very lucky to have him.”

Wanted starring Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and James McAvoy opens in theaters on Friday June 27, 2008.

Source: USA Today

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  • Jack

    It’s so nice that Angelina is making the time to make all her kids feel special. And of course she appreciated Brad Pitt’s help, after all it must’ve been hard when she adopted Maddox and her husband left her on her own with him. At least now that isn’t happening and she’s got support which she deserves.

  • Devin

    Promises, promises, this woman is the queen of babble.

  • Dea

    Not a fan of her but I can sense Devin does not like Angelina Jolie “a tad bit” reading from every angie threads she posts.

  • JADE

    is it just me or is Brad sexier now that he’s a dad??
    i mean i’m only 21 but man lol
    i have to kids of my own so that probably helps too but theres just something sexy about his bag under his eyes from not sleeping/sleeping with the kids in the bed and his grey hair and just everything i dunno that jsut my 2 cents worth lol

  • Devin

    I think she’s a hypocrite who can’t keep her mouth shut and says what she thinks people want to hear.

  • Nicole

    I’m not surprised that Brad finds pregnancy sexy – he seems like the type. That does wonders for Angelina, I bet.

  • Rachel

    It probably isn’t pregnancy any more than it is just her. A man who would not be attracted to you or I when pregnant, probably would be attracted to a pregnant Angelina.

  • Anonymous

    she’s still a homewrecker

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