Natasha Kaplinsky: “I Look Like A Hippo”

British newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky was said to have made comments about her pregnant size while interviewing actresses Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley for their new film The Edge of Love.

Natasha, 35, is five-months-pregnant with her first child. The baby’s dad is Natasha’s husband, Justin Bower. She reportedly said,

“I look like a hippo, it’s terrible. A fat hippo.”

Source: Telegraph

Photo: Flynet, June 2008

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  • JADE

    well the ‘fat hippo’ is gonna get a whole lot fatter
    what a b*tch i am so sick of woman who are pregnant calling themsleves fat yes you are a lot rounder now than before thats because there is a BABY inside of you and i personally believe that the amount of weight that you put on is in relation to the sized baby you have like i put on 30 kg’s and had a 10lb baby now i had people always commenting on my belly and if i were having twins or not but no my body needed me to have the extra weight so i could have a healthy baby

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