Jamie Lynn’s Daughter Has A “Full Head Of Hair”

According to a source close to new parents Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge, 3-day-old Maddie Briann has

“10 fingers and 10 toes … and a full head of hair. She’s long, a tall baby.”

The source also revealed that big sister Britney, the rest of the Spears family and the Aldridge family were just outside the delivery room door as Jamie Lynn gave birth – all eager to meet the newborn.

And according to new grandmother Joyce Aldridge, her new granddaughter already resembles something of her dad’s,

[Maddie] “has Casey’s toes.”

Jamie Lynn and Casey left the hospital with their daughter in the early hours of Saturday morning and are now settling in to their new home in Liberty, Mississippi.

Source: People

Photo: INF, May 2008

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  1. Natalie

    I’m glad mummy n baby are dooing well. I hope she really appreciates what she has now. x

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