Brooke Burke On Sleep Deprivation & Family Life

Actress Brooke Burke, who gave birth to her first son, Shaya, with husband David Charvet on March 5th, has been keeping a low profile. And her reason? Sleep deprivation! She recently left a blog entry on her website Baboosh Baby apologizing for her lack of updates,

“We are finally settled in our home. Shaya just turned 3 months old, and I feel like I have just surfaced. I am so sorry that I have not blogged in months. Any of you who have already had your baby know where I am coming from! Anyway, Shaya’s naps are getting longer, and my nighttime sleep intervals have gone from 2 hours to 4, thank God! The other day I googled sleep deprivation and I had no idea how responsible my sleepless nights were for everything I had been feeling. It effects your memory, metabolism, and of course patience for everyone in your family. I am happy to say it does get better, so hang in there new moms.

She was recently asked to speak on a panel for pregnancy awareness month to discuss how she manages to juggle work and family life,

“I had to laugh to myself as I thought of what a metaphor the topic is. Balancing motherhood and a career is my most challenging thing. I have realized in my experience that there is no right or wrong way to rear your children, and I had a hard time giving advice on “how to do it”. I have learned a lot from other moms, but I focus most on figuring out what works best for my family. I know that everything is curable with love. I tried to encourage moms to do the best they can and give themselves a break on the days when it doesn’t seem good enough.”

Also mom to daughters, Neriah, 8, Sierra Sky, 6, who are her children from her relationship with ex-husband Garth Fisher. She also has a daughter, Heaven Rain, 17 months, her first child with fiance David. Brooke says she is a different mom fourth time round,

“I think that is because there is a lot less of me to devote to all of them after you do the math. I am also starting to go back to work and there is always the guilt when I have to spend all day away from my babies. Somehow, it all works out, even though there is no perfect way.”

Source: Babooshbaby

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