Charlotte & Gavin Want 6 To 8 Children

Welsh singer Charlotte Church, who just revealed she is pregnant with her second child, recently talked to chat show host Jonathan Ross about her plans for future children,

“I want between four and six and Gavin wants eight. I want all my babies by the time I’m 32 so then I can have everything done!” She told Ross: ”We want to have our babies young and then I’m going to get married and look fabulous for that. We’re trying to create a little rugby team.”

Charlotte, 22, and her boyfriend Rugby player Gavin Henson are already parents to nine-month-old Ruby Megan.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo: Welsh Assembly Government, May 13

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  • Anonymous

    Ehk! Good luck with that and thanks for trying to overpopulate the world even more.
    Why don’t they adopt?

  • bluezy

    “I’m going to have all my babies young and then get married. ” What an idiot.

  • Hannah

    Oh she’s just young and naive! You have your first baby and it’s quite romantic and lovely so you think you can handle another 4! I said the same thing at 22, that I was going to have 5 kids by 30. Now after I’ve had my first kid at 26 and second at 30, and I’m absolutely 100% done! 🙂

  • Kate

    It seems silly to have kids with someone who cheated on her.. how is she going to feel when shes 35 and up to her neck in teenagers and hes off sowing the seeds?

  • Devin

    Charlotte comes off like a total idiot.

  • Theresa

    HA HA! 8 kids…sure lets see what she says after her 2nd…I used to think I wanted 6…till 2 showed me the reality of what exactly 6 kids would be like…LOL! And keep in mind her first is only 9 months…that young is cake compared to a 2 year old who throws fits or a 4 year old who can talk back and throw fits…LOL! Good Luck Charlotte!

  • Jen

    What is it with these moronic celebs doing everything backwards?! Get the ring first, honey! Make him sign on the dotted line, make it official. Women need to quit dishing out all the goodies without a commitment. I think we can all see she’s on the fast track to being a single mom in a few years. What an idiot.

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