Max & Emme Enjoy Vacation In Tenerife

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony spend the day at their hotel pool in Tenerife, Spain with twins Max and Emme, along with Jennifer’s sister Lynda Lopez, who is expecting her first child. Jennifer showed off her bikini body for the first time since the twins were born in February.

Photos : Flynet

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  1. Abby

    They have really gotten big.

  2. cute. jennifer looks great! how fun – just to bathe in the sun in Spain. looks like they are good hands on parents.

  3. kim

    “looks” is the operative word.He brought 50 person entourage.I sure among those people were her nannies.It ‘s all smoke and mirrors with JLo.She say’s one thing but the reality is another

  4. Bobbie

    Yeah, J-Lo is more concerned with getting a tan.

    I agree with the smoke and mirrors comment – 100%!

  5. Bee

    The babies are getting soo big. I wish we could see them a bit more clear.
    J-Lo looks gorgeous after having 2 babies recently.

  6. Devin

    Jennifer doesn’t need to get a tan, she’s naturally tanned. Her child. She looks great and other celebrities have help with their children. If I had the money I would have help myself.

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