Meet Stella Doreen McDermott!

In an exclusive interview to OK! Magazine, Tori reveals,

“She’s a miracle, I was on one pill and wasn’t feeling well, so I went off of it. Two days later, the doctor put me on another, and on that one day, we conceived. It was meant to be!”

She also talks about her reaction when she first met her daughter,

“My first thought was, ‘My god, she’s so beautiful,'” Tori gushes. “My second thought was, ‘Oh my god, she has black hair! Where did that come from?’ [laughs] Liam has blonde hair and is very fair. She was born with black hair, very tan.”

As for proud Daddy Dean, he explains to the magazine,

“When I saw Stella for the first time, I just bawled my face off out of pure joy. I’ve always heard that there’s nothing like that bond between father and daughter. There is nothing like it — you feel it that moment. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Little boys are awesome. They’re just like a little you. But having a little girl is something else. As a man, you just lose it.”

Source : OK! Magazine

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  • christie

    awwww, the pic of liam peeking around to see what’s going on is sooooooooo cute!!:):)

  • She’s so cute!

  • Sophie

    She is so sweet! And bless Liam he looks gorgeous too. I love this family!

  • bluezy

    Where’s the full head of black hair? She has barely ANY hair!

  • Abby

    #4 I thought the same thing

    Liam is getting so big, that picture of him peeking out is very precious.

  • B3x

    she already looks alot like liam lol.
    i agree with ever1 the pic of liam peeking round to see whats goin on is SO cute

  • Kate

    she didnt say a full head of hair, she just said she had black hair.

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