Sharon Stone Petitioning For More Time With Roan

Sharon Stone has filed court papers petitioning for more time with her oldest son, 8 year-old Roan. Reportedly, the 50-year-old actress filed a motion to modify her custody situation with ex-husband Phil Bronstein, who currently has primary custody of Roan.

During their six years of marriage, Roan was their only child. The couple adopted Roan shortly after he was born in 2000. Since their 2004 divorce, Sharon has adopted two more sons, Laird, 3, and Quinn, 2.

Source: OK!

Photo: Pacific Coast News, December 2007

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  • Jen

    That seems…odd. How can a woman who cannot have legal custody of her first child be allowed to adopt more children? Did they not do a background check to see why she might be unfit to care for Roan? Geesh.

  • nosoupforyou

    Because a father has primary physical custody of his son does not mean the mother is unfit anymore than the reverse.

    We need to step out of the dark ages.

  • Lala

    There coule be a million reasons the father had primary custody- he spent the most time with the child, he was the primary caregiver while she worked, they both agreed it was in the best interest, her work schedule was hestic at the time, the list goes on and on. It dosen’t necessarily mean she was unfit.

  • Lioness

    He’s adopted? I would’ve never guessed, I think he resembles Sharon somewhat…

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