Angelina Is Still Pregnant & Her Girls Enjoy The Chateau

Source : In Touch

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  • emily

    wow those pictures are really creepy

  • Nicole

    I agree, it should be illegal to take pics of people on their own property. You just know this was a scumbag like hiding in a tree or something.

  • Cari

    I’m not sure what the laws are in France, but I know that in the US, you can take a picture of a person – including young children – as long as the photographer is standing on a public spot when the pic is taken. Once that photographer crosses onto private property, all bets are off. Meaning pedophiles and the like are free to take as many pics as they want, as long as they stand on the street.

    But sadder still is the fact that OK Magazine paid someone for the pics. Give them some space, for once.

  • Julie

    Well, judging by the angle, I’d say that it was taken from an helicopter or something. But I’m not sure, Angelina doesn’t seem to look in that direction, and God knows what a terrible noise an helicopter can make!

    As for the laws in France, public and private spaces are treated in the same way. You have a distance to respect and people can press charges against papz even when snapped on the street/leaving a building, restaurant, etc.

    So I can safely say that it was not taken by a french papz, they know what they risk !

  • Melana

    The perv who took these pictures must have been right on the property. I’m wondering if a pap might have bribed one of the delivery truck drivers to gain entry and then exited the estate with him also. At any rate, they are very invasive and I hope Brad and Angelina are looking into this terrible invasion of their privacy.

  • Cari

    Ok…two things I need to clarify. One, I meant to say In Touch Magazine, and two, I should have specified Florida where there was an issue with a person taking pictures of schoolchildren.

    There. But yeah, it’s still creepy.

  • Pencils

    I wonder what the rights are towards air space. Seriously. In cities like New York, who owns the rights to air space rights are very important, because it can decide later on if a taller building can be built in that space. Usually, it’s the owner of the land or the building who owns the air space. I wonder if in France that it’s the same thing–which could mean that the paps in the helicopter have no right to those pictures, as they’re trespassing in private air space.

    And, yeah, they’re creepy pictures. Leave the poor woman alone! It’s one thing to know that people will take your picture when you go out to the shops or a restaurant, it’s another when you can’t even step outside on your own terrace.

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