Christie Brinkley & Soon-To-Be-Ex Celebrate Sailor’s Birthday

Christie Brinkley and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Peter Cook, are days away from beginning their divorce hearing in court. However, they were both able to put on their party hats and throw separate birthday parties for their daughter, Sailor Lee, who turns 10 next Wednesday.

Christie threw a party for Sailor on Tuesday at her Hamptons home filling more than 35 goody bags and putting the finishing touches on the homemade cake she made for her daughter’s party. A friend of Christie’s said she’s always done right for her children,

“She’s doing what she’s always done. She’s putting her children first.” Her friend went on to say, “[It was] a relaxed backyard birthday party. The whole event was fun low-key and warm. Christie was out in the yard, barefoot in her T-shirt and Capris, making sure everybody was having fun. She’s not the type who would hire Hannah Montana to come and perform at the party.”

Sailor and her friends were in and out of the swimming pool “taking endless turns on the inflatable slippy slide” the friend said. Christie even initiated a fun pie throwing contest,

“She was at the center of the pie throwing contest,” said the friend. “One boy was chasing her and trying to get her in the face. She was running and laughing. You would never know the cloud she’s under.”

The following day, Peter organized a fun day at a Long Island water park for Sailor and her friends. Following this, the group gathered at his Hamptons home for an evening party with family and friends. Peter said Sailor had a blast,

“She had a great day.”

Peter’s current girlfriend, Suzanne Shaw, organized the party, and stated that there are no hard feelings between herself and the supermodel,

“I don’t know Christie,” she said. “I feel for her.”

After 10 years of marriage, Christie filed for divorce in 2006 after discovering that Peter, now 49, was having an affair with an 18-year-old colleague of his. The then 18 year-old, Diana Bianchi, is expected to testify in court about the relationship.

Source: People

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  • nosoupforyou

    Putting her children first? Really?

    Then why did she support having her divorce aired in public?

    It sounds like she’s supporting herself.

  • Kellie

    I have no respect for her. She clearly cares more about her own ego and getting revenge than she does about considering her kids in this case. She also has proven that she has horrible judgement in men. Married four times and she bad mouthed Richard Taubman after that divorce too. She has ZERO class in my opinion.

  • Ellie

    I think Christie’s friend needs a reality check, as well as Christie. Obviously, she is NOT putting her kids first, or she would want to do everything in her power to make sure this was as painless for the children as possible. Instead, she’s making a free-for-all out of it so the kids can see it all. Nice. I’m sure they’ll really appreciate her doing that when they’re older.

  • Hannah

    I have lost all respect for Christie since all this divorce business started (not that I had much to begin with). I can’t imagine what has to go through a mother’s head to think it’s okay to make her relationship dirty laundry public when there are children involved. Especially dirty laundry like this where there has been allegations of cheating and abnormal behavior. If she was “putting the children first” she would make this trial private to avoid any more harm. It sounds like she just wants attention and press so that she can look like the victim in all of this. Despicable.

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