Camila Alves Picks Up Package @ Post Office

Source : Pacific Coast News

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  1. Carolina

    Should she still be driving??

  2. Peta

    Her belly’s dropped. I’m no expert but that means she’s due any day now, right?

  3. kate

    since when do women stop driving while pregnant…? I and everyone ive ever met drove until they had the baby…

  4. she looks so amazing. almost effortless in a zen sort of way. can’t wait to see her baby!

  5. Carolina

    Kate, I just asked because two of my best friends felt uncomfortable around the 8th or 9th month, and they stoped driving. I never had a baby of my own so i would not know, i’m just asking, not saying it’s a rule.

  6. olivia

    well she didnt gain a lot so i guess she has no problem with driving;)
    her belly is realy low now. we wait for good news;)

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