Is Kingston Naming His Future Sibling?

Reportedly, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are letting their 2 year-old son, Kingston, name their unborn baby. A source states that the power-couple don’t want Kingston to feel left out when his sibling arrives and are eager to get him involved,

“Gwen and Gavin feel it is important that Kingston does not feel left out before or after his new baby brother or sister is born. They want him to help them choose his sibling’s name so they are asking him what he thinks. They have come up with a few suggestions so far.”

This could be interesting! Have any of you ever done this?


Photo: Flynet, May 11

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  • Abby

    Thats a cute idea

  • justme

    when she was a kid, a friend of mine wanted to name her unborn sister Peanut Butter…

  • Ciara

    When my youngest nephew was born, his parents let his older brother pick his middle name, and he picked Sage, as in, the spice. Atleast his first name is nice and normal, its’s Evan.

  • Lala

    Yeah, my parents asked my older brother by four years to name me. Teasot. Thank god they made it my middle name…..

  • Tracy

    I named my sister- Janet, after Inter-planet Janet from SchoolHouse Rock. She hates it.

  • ivy

    those are funny stories. i would never let my kid pick their sibling’s name, maybe if i couldnt choose between a couple i would let them decide. i do like sage though.

  • My parents were not going to find what they were having when they had me…. But somethings happened and they wound up having to find out… anyway my brothers got to name me if I was a girl and if I was a boy my sister got to name me. Well I was a girl and I got named Whitney after Whitney Houston. I guess they liked some of the songs she had out at the time. That is what I am told anyway. My siblings are all older than be by at least 13 years, so I don’t think I had to worry about being named something edible or anything like that. 🙂

  • Bluezy

    We asked our 3 year old “What should we name the new baby” and she said “Julie” I said..that’s a nice name….but what if the baby is a boy? And she said “I’ll call him GIRL”. I don’t think we’ll be letting her pick the name if it does end up being a boy.

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