Gwen Sports Another Great Dress

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were spotted taking a stroll. Gwen was wearing yet another gorgeous maternity dress. I wish I could raid her closet! 😉

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  • justme

    How pretty!

  • Jx2

    The fabric is nice but I do not like the length and I do not like her either.

  • Bev

    Same here Jx2. She is so overrated.

  • Nicole

    I like her and I think the dress looks nice, I just wish it was shorter. I’m not a fan of these super-long dresses everyone’s been wearing lately.

  • Jx2

    #3 – yes! she is overrated!

  • Rachel

    The super long dresses look fabulous if you are tall! For the rest of us, they just make us look shorter than we already are…

  • Sami

    I think she looks great, and the dress is beautiful. Love the print too.

    LOL @ Gavin carrying her bag…too cute.

    Looks like they are in France?? The door label

  • Julie

    I don’t know where they are, but there’s indeed a “Beware of the dog” french sign. But when you look at the next picture, there’s a car in the background and its licence plate is everything but french.

  • Nicole

    Gwen and Gavin are in London right now.

  • dfsdfsdf

    The french sign is just a sign that they have by their front door. No idea why it is in French, it just is.

  • Kris

    Love her! And she always looks great. They also seem like a very cute family. Always out together.

  • Sami

    Thanks Julie, Nicole and dfsdfsdf

    Didn’t even notice the car plates!

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