Gwen Is About To Pop !

Source : Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Nicole

    Kingston is so cute, but I hate Gwen’s hair like that.

  2. Rinoa

    Yeah that hair looks like old school Gwen to me, from back in the mid-90’s. But she does look ready to give birth any day now.

  3. tess

    I don´t like her hair too.

  4. Tatum

    She’s huge! I’m sure she doesn’t feel like like blowing out her hair at this point. She’s super cute, though. My fave. by far.

  5. Bluezy

    Her hair does look ridiculous. I understand if she doesn’t want to do it…but you’d think she could just put it in a ponytail or single bun or something like that.

  6. Anonymous

    Her hair looks like more work that way. A ponytail or a headband would have been much easier, plus looked a lot better.

  7. Jx2

    What’s with the meatballs on her head? Can you say: “stupid hairstyle?!” No offense to those people that adore Gwen but I just can’t stand her at all!

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