Pamela & Boys @ LAX

Pamela Anderson was spotted at LAX with her two kids, Brandon, 12, and Dylan, 10, on Thursday. It’s been reported that Pam and Tommy Lee are back together again.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  • AC

    I DO NOT GET the going out in what most of us would consider sleep-wear. It’s like rolling out of bed, standing up, putting on a pair of 4″ heels and walking out the front door. Don’t her kids ever say, “Hey Mom, how about a hoodie?” She’s done this at school functions, baseball games, etc. I am all about loving your body & being comfortable in your skin, but at some point don’t you want to stop shopping at Forever 21?

  • Tracy

    AC~I agree. I get it, she was a “sex symbol” , but have a little modesty around your children and their friends and classmates. My 14 year old son would be horrified if I walked around looking like that! Plus, she’s seen better days. A little modesty would do her well.

  • Jx2

    Gawd! I would be soooo incredibly embarrassed to have a mother like Pam! Come on, have a little self-decorum Pam…you aren’t a spring chicken any more…time to look elegant and classy not trashy and cheap! It’s not the 1980s any more…change your hair, change your make-up and change the way you dress!! She looks just like a ZZ Top music video bimbo.

  • Kat

    Pam Anderson’s tacky and tasteless fashion sense has now crossed the line into pathetic and pitiful…I’m embarrassed for her two boys!

    Not to mention the fact that she can’t possibly be comfortable in a chilly airport with tiny little shorts, a sleeveless, thin shirt and f*ck-me shoes…

    SHE DESPERATELY NEEDS A STYLIST! Some fashion magazine should use her in a makeover article as the “Before” model!!!

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