Stella McDermott In Ok!

Source : Ok! Magazine

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  • Jx2

    Another annoying couple…he’s such a creep. It’s obvious that he went for the Tori Spelling inheritance!! And Tori she’s such a lousy actress..not impressive at all. What a boring humdrum couple !

  • Jamie

    Tisk, tisk….

    People, we all are ASSUMING the worst. Why?! We don’t know how that other mother may or may not have controlled the interaction between Lola and her adopted Father. A person can only jump through so many hoops before you have to throw your hands up in the air and say “I give up”…

    There comes a point where to much interaction and stimulation could harm the situation more than benefit. Leave it be and let him answer to her (Lola) when she’s old enough to understand.

    Stop judging….

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