Dermot Mulroney & His Newborn Baby

Dermot Mulroney arrives at LAX with his newborn baby (name and gender yet to be announced) and his girlfriend. Mulroney was previously married to actress Catherine Keener and they have a 9 year-old son named Clyde.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Jen

    Yikes, he moves fast. Did they just get divorced within the last year? I wonder how Clyde feels about it. Poor kid.

  • Nan

    It’s amazing how much his girlfriend resembles Catherine Keener.

  • My guess its a boy.

  • I love Dermot Mulroney! I think that he is just incredible looking as always. I think his girlfriend looks great for just having a new baby… Catherine Keener is much prettier in my opinion, but, whatever floats his boat… I wish it were ME!!!
    I wish him and his children all of the best. Whatever the event, the kids have awesome genes coming from the Dermot gene pool- no have no doubt the children are just gorgeous!!!
    Michelle M. – Dermot lover…

  • Rachel

    It is always funny to me when washed-up, has-been stars keep the big details like name and gender from the press. Like we are all sitting around on pins and needles wanting to know…

  • Kat

    I totally agree with Nan. It IS amazing how much his girlfriend resembles his ex-wife. It seems like he really likes women with big smiles.

  • awake&alive

    Yeah, so much so that they are interchangeable to him.

    He divorces one super skinny, long haired brunette with a huge smile who has a son with him for another super skinny, long haired brunette with a huge smile who has a son with him.

    If this pattern of his continues his “blended family” could really get complicated.

    I’m thinking that Catherine Keener was fortunate when her commitment to this guy ended, even though it was probably a very painful experience for her to go through. (I mean, what divorce isn’t painful?)

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