Is Nicole Richie Expecting Baby #2 ?

“Nicole is dying to have a sibling for Harlow who is close in age. She doesn’t want them to be more than two years apart, so that they can be best friends forever,” a source told Star magazine.

She fuelled the rumors by wearing a flowing lilac ‘maternity-style’ top.

“The top was not something Nicole usually wears. She ordinarily goes for tight T-shirts and vest tops. The other unusual thing was that she was wearing comfy sheepskin boots and not her usual heels – the boots definitely looked like something a pregnant woman would wear,” an onlooker said.

Source : Female First

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  • Tracy

    yes, getting knocked up again immediately will definately ensure that they are BFF! what a twit.

  • Abby

    Having kids close together isnt that big of a deal. All my kids are very close in age.

  • Peta

    Considering the source of this news, I have my doubts. Plus, I doubt Harlow’s old enough to appreciate a BFF, or even know what that is.

  • joss

    nicole wears flowy tops and dresses all the time, she also wears flats a lot so i doubt if this is true.

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