Jane Seymour’s Advice To Angelina Jolie

TV icon Jane Seymour, who once gave birth to twins and is the mother of six, has some advice for Angelina Jolie who is about to give birth to twins,

“My advice to her is to put some weight on. I think she needs to keep putting on weight so she can feed those babies. I don’t think she should think twice. She hasn’t put on enough weight.”

Angelina will also be mother to six children when she gives birth to her twins with Brad Pitt. Jane, 57, says that when she had her twins, John and Kristopher 13 years ago, it was a life threatening delivery,

“I nearly died having the twins. I had preclampsia, which is toxemia, and I had to have an emergency C-section and I almost lost my life. So my advice to her [Jolie] is to listen to your doctors and if they say bed rest and they say blood pressure cuff every hour and they say whatever medication they say, you should take it very seriously.”

Source: OK!

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  • Nicole

    Wow, I love how random people run their mouths about Angelina. She’s in the frickin’ hospital on doctor’s orders, I’d call that ‘listening to her doctors’. She should shut her trap, because every woman is different. You notice her not telling Nicole Kidman to put on weight even though Nicole barely had a bump.

    Besides, it’s entirely possible that Angelina is having a much easier pregnancy than she did.

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t say she’s a “random person” …she’s been through the same thing. plus, she’s just trying to help ..nothing wrong with that. there’s no need to twist someone’s nice words …relax

  • Michelle

    I agree with anon. I would guess that the interviewer specifically asked her what advice she would give to Angelina because she has also been pregnant with twins. It sounds like the obvious question to ask.

  • Michelle

    BTW, she sure looks great in this pic!

  • Nicole

    I didn’t twist her words at all. She said exactly what she said. Besides, their pregnancies are different – Jane Seymour was 4 years old – eleven years older than Angie is – when she had twins, so of course things were harder for her. Besides, the tone of her words isn’t “nice” – she’s never met Angelina, who is she to tell her to “take what her doctors say seriously” like Angelina is ignoring what doctors are telling her? I’d say checking herself into a hospital is listening to her doctors, isn’t it?

  • Nicole

    *whoops, I mean 44 years old.

  • Amanda

    oh back off Jane! I love Jane and she’s just trying to be helpful and just say hey I know what its like,you really need to listen to what your doctors say and Angelina herself has said her doctor told her to stop picking up the other kids and what does she do?she picks them up anyway!normally I’m on Angie’s side but Jane is trying to give some motherly advice no need to jump down her throat for it,chill out people.Jane knows what she’s talking about so just leave it be people,she is just stating what she knows and has probably been told by her doctor when she was pregnant,she does have a point Angie does need to gain the weight for the babies and she DOES need to listen to what they said and not pick up the kids and etc….Jane has every right to give an opinion and it doesn’t mean you have to like it or agree so there’s no need to blow it out of proprotion and say that Jane said Angelina isn’t listening to her doctors she didnt say that and say that Jane doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she clearly does,she’s been through this herself.

  • Anonymous

    I hope I look that good at 57! WOW! She is beautiful!

  • Jack

    Angelina Jolie will never put on weight, not even for the sake of her babies 🙁 And the laughable thing is, as if she feeds her babies herself! She will be one of those throw away bottle babies like Katie Price, I should imagine.

  • Nicole — it doesn’t matter how old you are…I was 23 when I had my twin daughters and had the same exact experience as Jane Seymour, preeclampsia, emergency c-section…

  • Nicole

    Are you kidding me? Age doesn’t matter when you’re having a baby? I know twin pregnancies come naturally with complications, but they aren’t all as difficult as Jane Seymour’s and she shouldn’t assume things about other people. Not that Angelina cares, of course.

  • Kate

    lol I love the person who said Angelina wont ever put on weight. You obviously have never seen any of her old pictures. I would imagine her life style and running around after all of those kids is the only reason she is so skinny. Nursing and caring for children is extremely taxing on your body. Anyone notice she started getting really scary skinny just after shiloh was born. Duh!

    Heres my tip. go check out some jolie pictures from the past. Learn your history before you blabber

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