Andrew Strauss Ready To Miss Baby’s Birth

England cricketer Andrew Strauss is preparing to miss the birth of his second child if it clashes with the npower test cricket match against South Africa at Lord’s in London, UK, next week.

Andrew, 31, missed the final test against Pakistan in 2005 so he could attend the birth of his son Sam, 19 months, but he said earlier this week that if his wife Ruth, who is due next week, goes into labor, he will continue to play cricket. He said,

“My wife is due some time during the Test match, the doctor doesn’t feel it’s going to come for a week or so but I won’t be leaving the field or anything like that,” Strauss said, “If I’m not batting I might nip off but if I’m on the field I’m concentrating on the cricket. I just feel that if I’m going to play the game I owe it to my team-mates to be focussed on the game. My wife completely understands the situation and hopefully it will work out that she’ll do it after the end of play or something like that – if I’m playing I’ve got to be switched onto the cricket.”

Source: Press Association

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