Gwen & Gavin Are Back In LA

Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale are back in LA from their trip to England. The couple were spotted shopping on Beverly Dr. for furniture at the Hastens store on Wednesday. So much for the rumors that Baby Rossdale # 2 was going to be born in England!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Linda

    Is she really allowed to fly that late in the pregnancy?

  2. lisa

    Gwen why don’t you tell people how you got rid of your lovely dog! So much about your “warm” personality…..

  3. Jack

    I’m kinda envious, it was freezing here! Love how she has now just got a simple dress on, instead of a leather jacket LOL. I want to fly to LA for the weather! lol

  4. Jack

    ooh Lisa, what happened to her dog?!

  5. Hannah

    she got rid of her dog when she had Kingston. I thnink that is a perfectly ok reason to get rid of a dog! I personally wouldn’t want a baby crawling around with a dog.

    Gwen had previously said that her dog wasn’t good around children either.

  6. Meg

    I agree that if the dog wasn’t good with children, she might have been justified in getting rid of it. In fact, my parents once did the same with a dog that kept biting my brother. Just because she got rid of it doesn’t mean that she didn’t find it a good home. I love animals…especially my own dog, BUT I think people shouldn’t quibble over such a minor thing that we don’t really know the details on.

  7. Carolina

    I completely agree with Meg!

  8. July

    That’s not true about her dog. Her dog Megan died a number of years ago and she didn’t have another one. When Gavin’s dog died they decided not to get another one because they travel so much. Before her pregnancy they were seen with different dogs because they would look after their friends.

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