Nicole Kidman Receives Flowers From Tom Cruise

Very soon after the birth of their first child together, Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban received an abundance of flowers from Nicole’s ex-husband, Tom Cruise,

“She has had hundreds of bouquets of flowers from well-wishers,” a source said, noting that “Tom was one of the first people to get in touch and he sent her enough flowers to fill a room.”

Nicole and Keith welcomed daughter, Sunday Rose on July 7th. Nicole has two adopted children, Connor and Isabella with ex Tom Cruise.

Source: The Daily News

Photos: Pacific Coast News & Reuters, May 23

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The way this reads iy sounds as if she and Tom Cruise had a daughter, Sunday Rose…lol


why do the media, gossip columns and blogs insist on saying that they have ‘two adopted children.’
they are THEIR children. who cares if they’re adopted or not. i don’t think it matters HOW they are their children.


That irritates me too, Anonymous. If a celeb buys a handbag, no one says “Here’s (So-and-So) rocking her Acquired (Overpriced Bit of Leather)”. Why they keep saying ‘adopted children’ as if they’re no more their children than their bio-born ones is beyond me.

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how nice, i bet she received lots of roses in all kinds of colors. really happy for her.


Tom, instead of sending gift and flowers, send her two children. I am sure she will appreciate that more than the flowers and gifts.