Baby On The Way For Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck!

It seems the word on the street is that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their second child – and that Jen is 3 months along. A close friend told the National Enquirer,

“A few days before the Fourth of July, Jen began calling close pals with the news that she was pregnant again. Jen said she’s three months along – and she and Ben are ecstatic. She and Ben are still deciding whether they’ll ask the sex of the child.”

This was reported in Ben’s hometown paper, the Boston Herald and comes from the National Enquirer – but nothing has been confirmed by their rep yet. If this news is true, the baby will join big sister Violet Anne, 2.

I know there’s been tons of pregnancy rumors for Jen – and yes, I realize that it’s the National Enquirer as the primary source – so we’ll keep you updated.

Source: National Enquirer via

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  • Sara

    I can’t WAIT for this to be true. Jen and Ben are one of my favorite couples out there and I just want to see her pregnant all the time.

  • Janie

    It was just confirmed in a Boston newspaper. Jennifer is pregnant. Another cutie pie baby will be born!

  • tess

    That’s great news. congratulations to them.

  • emily

    i don’t think its true. the boston herald is not reputable, but the boston globe is. It looks like the herald’s source is the enquirer.

  • Meg

    This would be so great! I think they make a wonderful couple and Violet is absolutely adorable!!!

  • Peta

    I always find it amusing how the same tabloid *National Enquirer) who said not long ago that their marriage was on the rocks is the one ecstatically announcing that they’re expecting a baby. XD

    Congratulations to Ben and Jen if it is indeed true.

  • anne

    If or when true: YAY!! Meanwhile … they’d make a great dimwit-free guardianship option for those poor Brinkley/Cook kids! ; )

  • Rosy J

    I certainly hope so. They did a great joy with Violet. She is an absolutely adorable and delightful child. They are my favorite celeb couple. If it is true, I am beyond thrilled for them.

  • Bev

    awww I hope it is true!

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