Liv & Milo Visit The Pediatrician

Liv Tyler and her son, Milo Langdon, 3 1/2, were spotted heading to the pediatrician today in Tribeca, NYC.

Photo: FAME

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  1. Nicole

    Cute! But clicking on the second pic redirects you back to the main post?

  2. Hi Nicole – thanks, we’re working on it 😉

  3. tess

    same with the post “Cole Houser & family visit Doctor’s office”. we can´t see the other pics.

  4. Lora

    Wow. Those shoes have to be hot!~

  5. We’re fixing the picture issue – should be back to normal soon. Sorry ;-(

  6. Nicole

    Pics for this post are fixed – and Milo is such a cutie!

  7. Kris

    I was thinking the same thing- Those boots! He must have some hot feet!

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