Jaime Pressly’s Great Workout Plan!

My Name is Earl star, Jaime Pressly said that her best workout plan is chasing after her 13 month-old son, Desi James,

“That keeps you in shape. It’s a lot of running around.”

Jaime proudly boasted about little Desi,

“[He’s a] really intelligent kid, which is amazing and great, but at the same time it makes you run around like a chicken with your head cut off because he’s all over place and he’s very determined.”

Jaime also explained why she and fiance, Eric, haven’t set a wedding date,

“We actually got engaged for the baby’s sake. We’re really happy with the way things are and just really focused on our child and our careers and not really focused on when the date is.”

Source: People

Photo: Flynet

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