Maggie Gyllenhaal On Balancing Work & Motherhood

Maggie Gyllenhaal holds her own with the guys in her big budget action debut in the much anticipated flick, The Dark Knight. Maggie co-stars with Christian Bale as Gotham’s protector and the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. Her new film marks her return to the big screen since having Baby Ramona with fiance Peter Sarsgaard. Maggie discusses her love of motherhood as well as working in the following interview with Parade.

On balancing her time between motherhood and her career: “My daughter was 7 months old when I started and 14 months old when I finished. A big portion of my mind was with her always. But it was kind of a great job for a new mother because I’d work a couple of days and then have a week off. I had a lot of time to be with her.”

On using her mothering skills in her next film: “I did Farlanders, and my very first day on the set I was doing a scene with two 11-month-old twins who never stopped screaming. If I had not been a mom and known how to calm a baby and known how to talk to a baby and known how to hold a baby, the whole day of filming would have been wasted. So I thought, ‘Thank god, I’m a mother.'”

On how motherhood has affected her acting: “You see women who don’t go back to work at all after they have a baby. I have felt in the past few months incredibly inspired and I really want to work. I feel like I have something new to say having spent this time with my daughter. I’m just looking for the right things to say it in.”

On doing her own stunts in the film: “I had one where I’m thrown out of a window and we fall like what seemed about 300 stories. It was the first time I’ve ever done a stunt. And it was great. It was fun being dropped from a building. I wasn’t scared, I just did it.”

On any strange feelings replacing Katie Holmes: “First of all, I wanted to be sure that I had her blessing. And I was promised that she’d given it. I’m a big fan of Katie. I think she’s a lovely actress and did a great job in the previous Batman. But I just don’t think it would serve anyone for me to try to imitate her. I had to be free. I had to sort of be able to go in any direction and so I had to think of her as a new person.”

Source: Parade

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