Joey Lawrence & Family @ The Farmer’s Market

Actor Joey Lawrence, his wife Chandie and their daughter Charleston ‘Charli’, 2, were spotted Sunday at the farmer’s market. Charli seemed to have fun smiling at the photographers.

Photos: Splash

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  1. christie

    no straight man should dress like that!! he looks like he has cleavage!!

  2. Rinoa

    I’m all for guys being “fashionable” but this is kinda gross. Not attractive at all!

  3. Anonymous

    OMG! ew. the clothing choice is soooo wrong!

  4. cyberkitten38

    WHOA! hot body on him..and he’s a gorgeous man…but that outfit has GOT to go! lol

  5. Janie

    OMG! He looks like a woman in that outfit. YUCK! Nice cleavage (NOT)!!! He is disgusting!!

  6. Rachel

    A man should never be the prettiest one when pictured next to his wife and daughter…

  7. Tiffany

    I was thinking the same thing………What the HELL!!!!!!! How did his wife let him leave the house like that

  8. Sophie

    I think it’s the V-neck tee, it just doesn’t do anything for men!

  9. nan

    A man’s shirt should never (ever) be more fitting than a woman’s!
    If that were my husband I’d be mortified!!
    Is he trying to do like Jim Carrey did that day on the beach with Jenny McCarthy?
    It looks like he raided his wife’s closet, flip flops and all.

  10. Anonymous

    anyone ever watch ‘ten years younger’ on TLC? it’s on friday nights after ‘what not to wear’.
    anyhow, the makeup artist on that show is a black man. he is obviously gay. and he is beautiful! his hair, skin, cheek bones! yeah, he wears those same shirts. it’s like he is trying to have cleavage or something. ick.

  11. maybe he’s trying to copy Jim Carey’s bathing suit gag and wear his wife’s clothes…?

  12. Rinoa

    Anonymous, you’re so right that Joey’s shirt is reminiscent of Damone’s style!

  13. Meg

    Good grief! I have to give an “AMEN” all the comments here! I looked at that picture and thought, “That little girl is so adorable…what in the HELL is her father wearing!!!”

  14. Jen

    I love Joey. Always have. He’s a celeb who truly has a conscience and a heart, but his style is…odd. His clothes get tighter and tighter! I still love him, though, and his family is precious!

  15. Rosy J

    That little girl is such a cutie! I love her smile.

  16. Cee

    He also needs to give his boys some room to breath or he may never have any more kids.

  17. Peta

    Joey, dude…I loved you on ‘Blossom’, but you need to make sure you didn’t grab your wife’s blouse from the closet before you leave the house. >.<

    That said, I think he has a cute child.

  18. jamie

    first thing I thought when I seen the pic was “whos the gay man” lol really dont like him bald he used to have such nice hair why did he shave his head ? that top is so gay looking as well as the white flip flops ,maybe he borrowed the top off his wife yikessssssssssssssssss

  19. Cinderella

    He is totally giving off The Vibe.

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