Keisha Castle-Hughes Takes Felicity-Amore To The Zoo

Whale Rider actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, 18, and her boyfriend Bradley Hull, 21, took their 14-month-old daughter Felicity-Amore to Wellington Zoo, New Zealand on Saturday.

Source: Stuff.Co.Nz

Photo: ROBERT KITCHIN/The Dominion Post

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  • Skangela

    is this a joke? what kind of an idiot would let their child this close to an uncaged wild animal? hello, sigfried & roy? is it roy? or is it roid? whateves, get that baby away from the leopard!–duh!!

  • old freind of keisha’s.

    the animal has been in captivity its hole life so how the fuc is it wild? do u not watch tv these days…. a famly in asia has an aligator as a pet..lmao

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