Lola’s Heart Belongs To Daddy

Source : Pacific Coast News

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  • Cari

    What on God’s green earth is that woman wearing??? There’s not one single thing on her that isn’t ridiculous!

    To each her on, I suppose….

  • Rinoa

    From that picture, she looks slightly sickly too. Maybe it’s the outfit…

  • Rinoa

    Just for clarification, I mean his girlfriend, not Lourdes.

  • Anonymous

    does he ever NOT look angry or mean?

  • momma

    i love what carlos’ gf is wearing shes so stylish..i woudl kill for those sandals

  • Janie

    Carlos always looks like he is in a bad mood!!!

  • Melana

    He looks angry because he cannot walk down the sidewalk with his family without being harrassed by the paps. Not only are they taking photos, but they are shouting out rude questions. I would be feeling the same if it were me.

  • Kyla

    Geez…grow a brain….can’t you see he is angry at the paps….duh…I thought it was obvious.

  • Sophie

    Is that Lourdes’s sister? She looks just like her!

  • Meg

    Good Lord…I don’t think there is one person in that picture that wouldn’t benefit from a stint on “What Not To Wear!!!!”

  • Amanda

    ok lourdes talked about wanting her mom to wear normal clothes,girl needs to take a clue from her own suggestion and get some fashion sense,I dont think I’ve ever seen her in a normal outfit o.O they are all terrible and no that isnt lourdes sister she doesn’t have an sister from eiteher parent.hey if carlos didnt like the paps he shouldnt have had a kid with madonna he should be used to them by now and they are being annoying maybe but doing nothing wrong they are on public property.

  • dea

    Carlos looks like he is ready to pounce a pap or two.

  • Anonymous

    Amanda – when she sai she wanted her mom to wear “normal” clothes, it meant that she wanted her to dress like a soccer mom.

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