Nicole & Keith Refuse All Photo Offers For Sunday

As we previously reported, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have rejected various million dollar offers for the first photographs of their newborn daughter, Sunday Rose. The actress and her country singer husband have allegedly been approached by numerous celebrity magazines for the first pictures of Baby Sunday, but the couple have declined all offers. A source said,

“They don’t think it’s appropriate to make deals. They are still deciding how they feel about it – if and when they will release a photo at all.”

However, the couple are said to be possibly releasing a picture themselves, for free. The source added,

“They realise there is enormous interest from the public and they are grateful and appreciative of that. Nicole and Keith have been enjoying their first few days at home with their firstborn tot – Nicole is thinking about things like breastfeeding right now.”

Do you think their decision may inspire some of their Hollywood peers??

Source: Female First

Photo: Reuters, May 19

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  • Sophie

    I don’t think celebs will follow. If a magazine is willing to pay millions of pounds/dollars etc then the couple should take it and if they don’t want to ‘do a deal’ over their child, then give the money to charity like Brangelina!

    They should bleed the magazines dry for the sake of charity!


    Lisa – no more caps…we can’t publish your comments anymore if you continue typing in caps. It really irritates people.

  • Nicole

    Lisa did you not the read the freaking warning about capslock?

    EDIT: It doesn’t seem like she did – but her comments were deleted.

  • Amanda

    so what are they just going to let the paparazzi take a picture one day and that be the way they let people see sunday?which I think its a terrible name…. >.< but I digress I’m assuming they haven’t been offered either a good enough money deal or a magazine that is known well enough.Celeb’s are all about the money so I figure they are holding out for a better deal.

    this article kind of contradics itself first they say:if and when they will release a photo at all.” and then the couple are said to be possibly releasing a picture themselves, for free. The source added.

    so what they dont want us to see this kid at all?

  • Amanda

    also no other celebs wont do this for free just bc Keith and Nicole might this isnt going to be a trend I think they are just saying they aren’t taking any photo offers to look good.

  • Alessandra

    I think its a wonderfull thing. I think its chocking that celebs want to have pictures taken of their newborn. Its so private and I don’t believe that concerns anyone but the family.
    And everytime some celeb gives birth its about when a magazine deal comes through and how fast are they going to loose the baby weight. Its just repulsive.
    And Nicole and Keith has made the absolute right choice

  • I agree that they made the right choice.

  • Nicole

    I think it really depends on the situation what celebrities should do – I remember recently watching a news program about paparazzi, and they were interviewing Salma Hayek. She didn’t release any formal baby pics, so the paparazzi were all hoping to get a shot of her baby.

    She said she, her nanny and a very young Valentina were walking somewhere, with Valentina in her baby carrier/carseat. There was a blanket covering it, and a paparazzi actually shoved at the seat, trying to dislodge the blanket and snap a pic! Hopefully if they do not sell, that won’t happen to them.

  • Meg

    I like the choice they’re making, but ultimately, I think it’s up to the couple. I can see the good in giving the money to charity, but I can also see the good in not selling the photo. In my humble opinion, it’s a little odd to auction off a picture of your family. In their place, I would probably either give the money to charity, or not sell the photo at all and just release it myself.

  • Sherry

    Finally a celeb couple that are showing parenting skills!

  • Rosy J

    I respect and applaud their decision.

  • Peta

    I don’t care either way (seeing Sunday or not seeing Sunday), but it’s nice to see yet another Hollywood set of parents deciding not to pimp out their babies to magazines.

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