Tori & Dean Out In Beverly Hills

Tori Spelling and hubby, Dean McDermott have lunch at La Scala in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Tori looks great – Dean doesn’t look too shabby either!! 😉

Photos: Flynet

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  1. psychic

    Unfortunately, this man wants her money…He gave her babies and now patiently waiting when his time will come to rip her off …it is just a matter of time. Poor Tori.

  2. Tracy

    she doesn’t have any money anymore.

  3. Hihi

    Her mother has a lot of money and will leave some for Tori after her death…..

  4. Tracy

    maybe. i don’t think they like each other very much at all. my mother disliked both of her children and left us nothing. it makes it easier to screw your children when you’re dead and you don’t have to deal with it.

  5. Cinderella

    This is why Candy is probably holding off on giving Tori money.

    She knows what’s up.

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