Denise Richards & Girls In LA

Denise Richards was spotted out with her daughters Sam Sheen, 4, and Lola Rose Sheen, 3, along with their nanny in Los Angeles, California yesterday.

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  • rachel

    aww they look really tiered
    both are beautiful girls
    when they were longer i think the looked all their dad
    now i see more of their mom in them

  • darcy

    i like her- i know most people don’t, but she seems to be a good mom and charlie just seems like pure evil

  • Anonymous

    the kids ALWAYS look so sad and depressed

  • cyberkitten38

    why do these girls ALWAYS look unhappy? I know divorce can be hard on kids but man they always look so sad. I sure hope they’re in therapy

  • Hannah

    Wow Sam looks alot like her mom in the main picture. With their heads tilted the same way and all. It’s such a shame the girls are in the middle of such a terrible situation.

  • nosoupforyou

    Are they coming home from therapy?

  • Pencils

    I think they just look tired. But I hate seeing little kids in flip flops when they’re not at the beach or the pool. How are they supposed to run and play? There are plenty of cute kids’ sandals out there that attach to the feet.

  • AC

    I’ve commented on this before, but what is going on with these kids? Did their mother tell them that whenever someone takes their picture a kitten dies or something? Has anyone seen these kids laughing?

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