Shiloh’s First Meeting With The Twins

“They weren’t planning on having Shiloh see Angie and the babies so soon, but she couldn’t sleep or eat until she saw her Mommy,” an insider told Star magazine.

The source goes on to say that Shiloh “first stared then smiled” while Mom Angelina was holding the babies. She was put on the bed next to them and kissed them on the forehead. Cute !

What a beautiful cover picture, too!

Source : Star Magazine

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  1. Jenny

    Oh my sweet lord, she is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    that would be a great picture of shiloh and the twins..with angie
    wonder if they look like shiloh..

  3. darcy

    she is so cute- but she looks really freaky and children of the corn-ish in this pic! her eyes are like glazed over.. strange!

  4. Kyla

    Probably just startled by the flashbulbs. Her hair will probably darken as she gets older.

  5. Bev

    Gahhh…she is gorgeous. Her and Violet tie for my fave Celeb kid 🙂

  6. Carolina

    She is a mini blonde Angelina, gorgeous!

  7. Rosy J

    Beautiful little girl. Can’t wait to see pics of the twins.

  8. lisa

    i used to think shiloh looked exactly like brad but in this photo she is all angelina!

  9. Kim

    I never thought she looked like Brad. From the first picture, I thought she looked just like Jon Voight. There are some scenes in the National Treasure movies where he’s on camera and it’s just like “Hello, Shiloh”!

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