Beckham Family Reunited

Source : Bauer Griffin

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  • Nicole

    Why are these kids always riding in the FRONT SEATS OF CARS?

  • Julie

    That’s actually what I was wondering, too…

  • darcy

    isn’t he 9 or 10? i think that’s alright- he is obviously wearing a seatbelt.. and cruz looks to be in a baby seat.. it looks like a big, safe, happy family!

  • Nicole

    The age to ride in the front seat is at LEAST 13. None of those boys are old enough, and wearing a seatbelt won’t protect him from the airbag that’s right in front of his face.

  • Tracy

    The laws vary from state to state, in my state it’s 13. And car seats are 4 AND 40 pounds.

  • Tracy

    And… my husband always sneaks the kids into the front seat! It makes me so angry.

  • Jen

    I let my 10 year old son ride in the front. He’s 5’1, 72 pounds though. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be allowed simply because of his age seeing as many others that are OLDER can sit up front but are actually smaller than him….take my sister, for example, she’s 4’10 and is 24 :/

  • G

    It’s not about age actually. It’s about size. And I think that safety belt is in right hight and that doesn’t look dangerous partly because he is big for his age.
    I live in Europe and I don’t think that we have age limit. We might have size limit to sitting in front.

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