Julianna Margulies Keeps Cool

Julianna Margulies sported a fedora hat and sipped a cool drink in SoHo today as she walked along with son Kieran, 5 months, and his nanny.

Photo: Splash

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  1. Anonymous

    The whole “nanny thing” is a little much for me to absorb sometimes. It seems most of hollywood has one or two even. A casual walk down the street with your ONE child and you need your nanny? Pleease.

  2. gia

    i was thinking the exact same thing! enough with the nannies, esp when you only have one child…the only thing i can say in their defense is that it must make it easier for them in public when dealing with the paparazzi, but then again isnt that what body guards are for?

  3. darcy

    i mean come on! she can’t even bothered to push her son’s carriage! shameful! heaven forbid she put down her drink in a cup holder that i’m sure that stroller has!

  4. chrisma

    I think the nanny is really looking lost like her t-shirt said.She probably in the wrong place right now.

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