Keri’s Little Helper

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  • darcy

    oh my gosh! adorable!

  • Tracy

    She looks great.

  • Deb

    How sweet is he! I love Kerri’s hat…

  • Anonymous

    He’s cute..Does anyone know if he has Down’s Syndrome. He looks to me as if he has some of the telltale facial features. I hope not.

  • m

    aw i sure do hope he does not.. such a sweet little face

  • anne

    Happy to see another celeb tiny actually allowed/encouraged to *walk* when they’re out … good for all little ones IMVHO, though I realize it’s problematic for those who have to worry about paparazzi and god knows what else lurking about.

  • I love Keri’s casual style!

  • nina

    I don’t think he has Down’s Syndrome. I think he just looks a lot like his dad…who has unique
    features. Hopefully

  • Jen

    Definite no on the Downs! He’s the spitting image of his dad. I think he’s adorable and I love that she lets him be independent.

  • Pencils

    It’s great for kids to walk when they’re out of the stroller, but the streets of NYC can be dangerous for kids. People walk fast and don’t watch for small children, there are sometimes huge cracks in the sidewalk, there’s broken glass and other things that could hurt a small child, and I hate to think what a kid could catch from touching anything on the street or sidewalk. I never used to think about that, but I have a friends with very small dogs in Manhattan who are constantly sick, and I bet it’s from sniffing and investigating who-knows-what on the street.

  • Anonymous

    He is a little copyof his mom. Thatswhat he is. No dawn, no boolshit.

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