Salma Hayek & Francois-Henri Pinault Split

Valentina’s parents have called off their engagement. Salma Hayek and French billionaire, Francois-Henri Pinault, have called it quits,

“We are sad to announce the engagement of Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault has been canceled,” Hayek’s rep stated to USA Today. “There will be no further comment.”

I think we might have seen this one coming. Salma recently stated she didn’t feel the “need” to get married,

“Do I think we are going to get married? Probably. Will it make a difference? I hope not. You want to grow old with someone, you want to have a partner and to have children — we have all those things. Some people need the commitment. Maybe we’ll just make the party!”

Valentina is the first child for the 41-year-old actress. Francois-Henri, 45, has two children from a previous marriage.

Source: Us Magazine

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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    Just think of what kind of child support she will get from her
    billionaire boyfriend..New it would not last.. she is way to
    fussy and demanding..Hope they do the same thing that they
    did to Jlo and Ben .. five years later still talking about a
    engagement that doesn’t exist..

  • Julie

    Same here, I saw that coming ! I was certain they’d split soon after the birth of Valentina. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Sad but expected.

  • Janie

    They definitely should NOT have had a child together! Totally ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    oh well…she got a beautiful child out of their relationship, and valentina will be set for life..

  • Hannah

    I think the main reason for their relationship was a baby for Salma. She wasn’t shy about wanting a baby, so she got what she wanted with an ideal candidate. I know the term “sperm donor” is kind of crude, but it’s true.

    Oh well, Valentina is beautiful so I’m sure Salma isn’t too broken up about it.

  • Lala

    Who knows anything about their relationship but she did get a beautiful baby she totally dotes on. you never saw pic of them all as a family, but either way, she is the cutest baby and her mom totally loves her.

  • Eileen

    This guy was just a sperm donor for her!!!

  • Peta

    I think I got mental whiplash from the news. Just last week I read a posting about their ‘lavish wedding plans’.

    Oh well. Valentina certainly won’t starve, that’s for sure.

  • Bee

    I totally disagree about the sperm donor comments. I remember reading an interview (right before she became pregnant) stating that she was more interested in adopting than she was in having her own babies.
    I think this baby was a surprise to her. Just a shame that they had to split, but it might just be for the best if it were bound to happen. Regardless, this is sad news.

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