Halle Berry Looking Great!

Halle Berry enjoys a day out shopping in Beverly Hills with a family member on Friday. She looks great after just having her daughter, Nahla, 4 months ago. By the way, we’re still dying to see pictures of Baby Nahla!!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • Claire

    I am pretty shocked that even though Halle did not show her daughter to the media (which I fully support) there are not rumours about the baby – like in the Suri case, that was awful.

    Halle looks fantastic 🙂

  • Peta

    I did see one rumour, Claire – that Baby Nahla was a Down’s Syndrome baby. Who knows what they’ll come up with next week.

    I do like Halle’s top. I’m not a fan of the long beaded necklace trend, but that’s just me.

  • Rosy J

    I had not heard any rumors about her baby. I must say I am not surprised. I think this is done to try to persuade her to disprove it. I don’t believe that there is any truth to that rumor.


    She is probably like Nicole Kidman who does not want to expose
    her child … to the world.. They both said that they wanted to keep it private… It is awful that people make up stories
    because the child is not out there.. People just want to keep their
    kids away from the paparazzi..

  • Tracy

    That’s definately an interesting choice of shirt.

  • Peta

    I don’t believe that rumour either, Rosy. It’s just people mouthing (or typing) off, and I applaud Halle’s decision not to pimp out her baby. We’ll see Nahla in due time.

  • anne

    I love me some Halle, but her choice of shirt strikes me as a bit too “press release” … a bit, you know, calculated. ; ) No biggie — I mean, who cares in the grand scheme of things? just an observation.

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