Suri & Violet Caught In A Fashion Face-Off!

What a fashion faux pas!!! Suri Cruise was spotted on Saturday wearing the same dress Violet Affleck wore on the Independence Day long weekend. Who wore it best? 😉

Photos: Pacific Coast News & Flynet, July 7

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  • anjel

    SURI shes just to cute

  • OMG, how embarrassing!! 😉

    Both look adorable!

  • wu

    well,actually,suri is second time wear in this dress
    last time she first wear it maybe at may ?
    her parent took her out of thr restaurant


    You forgot about Toby Mcguire’s baby girl.. she also wore the
    same dress..The designer must be very happy that all these
    young toddlers are wearing her dress..

  • d

    sorry, Vi’s my all-time fave. Maybe it’s because her mom is so down-to-earth and actually puts her child in normal clothes & sneakers, worn more than once – gasp! Plus, she’s darn cute.

  • Janie

    They both look adorable!


    What happened to Suri’s shoes… in some of the photos she is
    wearing shoes..Well at least Violet doesn’t walk around bare
    foot..Noticing that Katie is a lot like Jen these days..she carries
    suri everywhere but only lets her walk a little bit…and what is
    with her mother… it is a lot better than Tom’s mom..

  • Jenny

    @ Lisa: Yes, Ruby Maguire was caught wearing a very similar dress to Vi & Suri: – it’s not quite the same though.

  • Rosy J

    I think Violet. She has matching tight with it (and shoes). She is so freaking adorable. Both kids are cute but Violet stole my heart from the day I saw her.

  • Rosy J

    I meant to write that Violet wears leggings with her dress (not tights). Anyway , both girls look adorable. But Vi is my favorite celeb baby. She is so delightful and happy most of the time. I love her dimples.

  • michelle

    Suri gets my vote. Violets dress is too bold of a color for her as well as way too long . The look is overdone with the leggings. Her shoes are also too bulky and with the big dress , it’s print and leggings make her look smaller on top and big from the waist down.
    Suri has the coloring to pull off the bold color and keeps it simple. The little gold shoes slippers she wears in some pics are darling and much cuter then Violets bulky ones.

  • Maru

    Violet and always Violet! =D

  • Rosy J

    Michelle, Violet’s shoes are so much more practical for a two year old to run and play in. Suri’s slippers are to dressy and probably uncomfortable for everyday. That could be why she refuses to wear them. No socks to protect her little feet from perspiring either. Violet’s coloring is perfect for the dress as well. She looks darling usual.

  • Violet! 😉

  • michelle

    Sorry Rosy J practical Violet’s shoes may be but so are other shoes that arn’t so bulky on top of a too big dress with a big pattern and leggings. It’s too much going on at the bottom, the look isn’t balanced. Sorry again but Suri’s shoes are mary jane like and look plenty comfortable. As for them being too dressy , I’d rather see too dressy then clunky bulky shoes that have no style, this issue was about style. I disagree about Violet having the right coloring to pull it off, she’s too fair skined and bold colors like this wash her out. It’s just my opinion.

  • Bluezy

    I don’t like the dress at all. I saw it (or one very similar to it) at “The Children’s Place” and it’s just not all that cute.

  • Rosy J

    Excuse me Michele, But this is about “who wore it best”. For a toddler, Violet’s looks is the best. Her shoes are not bulky in the least. Children should be children not props to serve as PR on a shopping trip. Katie is dressed down, why dress Suri up. Suri herself had the good sense to refuse to wear the shoes. I rest my case. The last thing we need is another Paris Hilton in the making.

  • natsu

    Vi is the cutest one 🙂

  • kc

    Suri!! She pulls it off very nicely.
    It just doesn’t look that good on Violet, even if I think Vi is adorable

  • anne

    Aw gee … d’ya think we can maybe keep Who Wore It Best ‘competitions’ a kiddie-free zone? Seriously! : P

  • Rosy J

    I agree with you 100% Anne. I wish I’d had the courage to say that in the first place. I felt I would be banned from the site if I said what I originally thought. Children’s (fashion in particular) polls are not cool. Good call.

  • It’s all meant to be in fun, but we’ll keep your comments & suggestions in mind 🙂

  • Tracy

    Geez, lighten up. Have you no sense of humor?

  • Tracy

    Just in case, I meant all of you that are so upset, not Lisa.

  • Amanda

    this is no different than when we “vote” on what adult wore what dress better,its all for fun and they were simply asking who do you think looked cuter in the dress/who it was better on.Don’t get all bent out of shape ppl,chill.

  • Thanks for all the feedback. I assure you I’m not interested in judging a 2-year-old on their fashion sense…..when I posted the question, I knew it was utterly ridiculous. Just like Lisa said, it’s all in good fun!

  • anne

    Just to be clear . . . I don’t find the Kiddie Fashion Face-Offs, you know, immoral or anything. And yes, I did get the ‘fashion faux pas’ wink-wink gag the first time; perhaps it was how very seriously a lot of the commenters took this ‘poll’ that threw me off, haha. Anyway, three cheers for fluff! a much better way to deal with stress than substance abuse, right? ; )

  • Rosy J

    The dress is much cuter on Violet. It goes perfectly with her skin tone. I also like her leggings and shoes.

  • Is this a joke? They’re babies!

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