Tim Henman: “My Family Is More Important Than My Career”

“Rose is five so she’s played a little bit of tennis but not a great deal. She’s more in to riding bikes and dressing up. Most people talk about retiring at 55 or 60. I’m 33 and I have all this time. I’m really making the most of it. I’ve always been incredibly passionate, motivated and committed to my career but at the end of the day it’s a game. My family and my children are much more important.”

Source: Daily Record

Photo : REX, June 24

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  • Tracy

    It kills me every time these people say this. It’s SO easy when you have plenty of money!

  • Chris H

    My family is more important than my job is the classic, lazy person’s get out clause. What it really means is i’d rather sit around doing nothing all day than work.

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