Alison Sweeney Is Having A Girl!

Days of our Lives actress and Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney is having a girl! Alison revealed for the first time on Sunday that she and husband David Sanov are thinking pink. The couple, who just celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on July 8, already have a 3-year-old son, Benjamin,

“We found out that it’s a girl and we’re really excited about that,” said Alison, who is due on Jan. 20. When asked if they’ve decided on a name she replied, “It’s a battle we’re waging. It’s going to be a long time before we figure that out.”

Alison admitted that this pregnancy hasn’t been too pleasant at times,

“I have moments of pretty extreme morning sickness, which has not been my friend, but I get through it and I’m happy to hopefully be past it.” When asked about any changes to her diet, she said, “I haven’t had cravings yet so much as aversions. Three-and-a-half months so far, all I want is like a bowl of cereal!”

The star, who has played the part of Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives for many years, said she’s told her son she’s pregnant and “I’ve shown him pictures of the ultrasound of the baby.”

Alison has worked through weight issues herself over the years and said she’s exercising safely during her pregnancy, including taking a spin class with Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper. Bob and the other Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels, have been closely monitoring Alison’s workouts,

“[They] have had lots to say about my workouts. They’ve taught me well. They were very cautious and concerned for me — they were very cute. The biggest issues are you have to make sure your heart rate doesn’t spike a lot and your body temperature doesn’t heat up.”

Alison is currently shooting the next season of Biggest Loser, which premieres in September. This season the theme is families.

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    It is great that she is has both a girl and a boy …

    It is interesting how Bauer -Griffin has a photo of Angie and the whole clan on their front lawn…including his parents..


    Who are all these other people..It is a great idea to bring in
    a lot of new just goes to show you that you can
    do two shows and take care of a son…She seems to enjoy
    doing the Biggest Loser…

  • Amanda

    wow Lisa Smith I think those are the first decent comments I’ve seen you make on this site ever.But what does your “interesting” comment about Brad and Angie playing with their kids on the lawn have to do with Alison?This isn’t about them so leave them out of it.

  • Bluezy

    I’m due January 15th and I can’t find out what I’m having until the end of August. She’s only 14 weeks….she must have had an amnio or “CVS”??

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