Cheeky Girl Gabriella Irimia Suffers Miscarriage

“I felt the most awful cramps in my stomach,” she said. “I never experienced that much pain in my life. It was agony and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to call my mum Margit because she used to be a midwife back in Romania—but I’d kept the baby secret from her too. By the time we got back home it had turned into a chronic pain and I couldn’t sit down. I dragged myself upstairs and ran a bath hoping it would go away. But it was like a knife stabbing me and I thought I was dying. I totally panicked and started screaming for my mum. She came rushing in, saw the blood and said, ‘Oh my God!’ I was in shock and knew something really bad was happening. But Mum didn’t get hysterical she just coped with everything and got me to bed. I didn’t have to tell her I was pregnant, she knew. She thinks I must have been five or six weeks gone.”

Source: News Of The World

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  1. Nicole

    That’s so horrible to go through, poor thing.

    But it’s also a hell of a thing for the father to find out through a newspaper article.

  2. nosoupforyou

    How does one “fall pregnant?” Lol..

  3. Sophie

    Maybe that’s a British term. We say ‘fall pregnant’ over here 🙂

  4. nosoupforyou

    Thanks, Sophie! I’ll bet some things we say sound funny too! : )

  5. chrisma

    What’s wrong with that guy’s face,especially his chin?Did he has plastic surgery?

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