Chris Eubank’s Bizarre Adoption U-Turn

The ex-wife of former professional boxer Chris Eubank has ‘snatched back’ the sons, who she gave up legal guardianship of to an American woman two years ago. In a bizarre turn of events, Karron, 42, has said that the boys won’t return to their ‘adoptive mother’ after she broke the contract by publicly revealing the arrangement.

It all started in January 2006 when Chris, 41, met Irene Hutton, 51, in a hotel in Paris and later that year it was agreed that his two eldest sons, Chris Jr, 18, and his brother Sebastian, 17, would move to Las Vegas to live with Miss Hutton to improve their sporting career opportunities.

The boys’ mother, Karron, said she sent them because ‘it got my children to a safer environment to go to school, to follow their trade and just become dual citizens without having to marry’. Chris and Karron signed legal papers in November 2006 that handed over guardianship of the boys to Miss Hutton and part of the deal was to keep it a secret.

However, Irene recently spoke out about the arrangement and told of the Eubanks’ lack of concern for the boys and how they hadn’t sent out enough money to look after them. Sebastian had already left by the time the comments were made and had returned to his mother’s family home in East Sussex, UK, which she shares with his youngest siblings – Emily, 14, and Joseph, 11. Chris Jr. returned home this week and was met by his natural mother at Gatwick Airport.

Straaange! The family live near to my home and we often see Chris out and about and have seen Karron shopping with the children, she’s really down to earth but he’s very eccentric!

Source: Daily Mail

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