Jen & Ben Check Up On Things In Brentwood

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner do some house hunting in Brentwood today. Looks like Jennifer’s keeping things covered up with an oversized sweatshirt. Jen and Ben are expecting baby #2 – still no official word from their rep, but a source close the couple says she’s 5 months along.

Photos: Flynet

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ok she’s trying to hide an alleged baby bump in a huge hot sweater in late summer?She’s gonna have a heat stroke if she doesn’t take that sweater off,geez just make an announcement already and stop the rumors and just say she is or isn’t pregnant,I really don’t think she is she doesn’t look like it in any pics I’ve seen so far. I really dont think its healthy for her or this alleged baby to wear that hot of a sweater in summer,the only ppl who would need a sweater in 90 degree or hotter weather are sick ppl… Read more »

What is with the Jimmy Kimmel sweatshirt.. trying to promote
Matt Damon’s video with Sarah Silverman got nominated for
a emmy award..!! Amanda have you seen the photo’s that
x17 took of Jen’s stomach…What do you mean you doubt this
sight is even moderated anymore? They will let you know if they
don’t like something by deleting your comment…


Lisa I never said anything about the site not being moderate,check your facts before you accuse ppl of something.

Rosy J

It’s good to see Jen and Ben laughing and acting silly. They are so cute. Where is Vi? She is definitely pregnant.