Nicole Kidman’s Post Baby Body

New parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban made a Starbucks run in Nashville on Sunday. Nicole, who sported low rise jeans and a midriff gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose, just two weeks ago!

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    Nicole Kidman didn’t really care much for her other “adopted
    children”. Which could explain why they haven’t come up to
    visit her…Since Katie and Tom gave her a Hermes gift basket…

    You would think that you would see her mother or her sister with
    her…Wow love the running shoes.. she really has come down to
    earth with her wardrobe…

  • 2 weeks ago?!?!?!? OMG, where is her SWUB (Saggy White Underbelly)?!?!?! I sported mine for months!!!!

  • I still have my SWUB – my kids like squishing it when we sit together – I know gross, but true!


    Can’t believe that after having a baby..that any woman would have to still wear maternity pants.. If she could tell the media
    how she did it ….she would make a lot of women very happy..

  • Rinoa

    I think a large part of how good she looks now is due to the fact that she stayed in such great shape during her pregnancy. I also think her height helped her from having a huge, protruding belly during pregnancy which also explains why she looks so good now!

  • gia

    she was never really big in the belly, so there wasnt much stretched skin to sag, plus she was always excercising while pregnant & she was super thin the entire time. its a no brainer why she looks like she was never pregnant to begin with, plus she barely looked pregnant even when she was pregnant.

  • Aimee

    I don’t believe that she ever was pregnant. No one looks this good 2 weeks after giving birth. And she is wearing white pants (if you know what I mean)!!

  • Tracy

    Maybe she wasn’t pregnant, I would believe anything from Hollywood. My husband (of all people) just said that it’s odd that she didn’t have any biological kids with Tom Cruise, and he obviously impregnated Katie Holmes, so it wasn’t him. hmmm.

  • G

    Well if you can believe that she never was pregnant you should also believe that Tom Cruise isn’t father of Suri. Those rumours are in same level when it comes to believing them.
    First of all why should she fake pregnancy. That wouldn’t give her any more publicity that adopting/using surrogate would.

    And she does have little after baby bump. It’s small but there. You have to compare these pictures to her pre baby body than average post baby body (or average pre baby body)
    And then there are her boobs. Or are they padded too?

  • Tracy

    so you can see thru her shirt and tell how big her boobs really are? it’s all in good fun, lighten up.
    she obviously doesn’t mind speculation or she wouldn’t have worn a short shirt and low rise (white!) jeans just 2 weeks after giving birth.

  • Audrey

    #1 Her mother and sister did come if you reflect back. But they have lives too. And she may be burning up the phone with her other children.

    Any my skinny sister and niece looked like that after their children also. I had a SWUB.


    @ Lisa Smith: we hate to lose a loyal viewer, but you’re done. You’ve been warned one too many times.

  • Helen

    She was never pregnant. Pictures of her before she “gave birth” don’t show her looking any different. And have lunch with friends 2 days after having a baby? I don’t think so!

  • Mya

    Oh no she was definatly pregnant. I mean yes, she wasn’t big in the stomach but she looked pregnant in ways that are hard to fake — like her face. I think the reason why she was able to have a child now but not earlier are pretty explainable actually. For one, it could just be that she and Tom each had some slight (although not impossible to deal with) fertility problems. She had a couple of miscarriages while married to Tom so they could conceive. I would understand that after two miscarriages I would be tired of disappointment and heartbreak and I would decide to adopt. Burning up the phones means talking on them all the time. As well, her children are somewhat older and they live a plane ride away. As it says above, she just had a baby two weeks ago. Tom and Katie are probably waiting a while before the children visit, giving her space to get used to caring for a newborn. She and Keith both look super exhausted in those pictures. The fact that she is never photographed with her kids could be that A. I read that her children really don’t like photos (especially Isabella), and B. Neither does Nicole. Nicole does not get photographed a whole lot anyways, Tom and Katie get photographed all the time. It just logically makes more sense that if the children spend the same amount of time with each parent and one get photographed more, then they will be photographed more with that parent.

  • Bev

    Helen—-just because she had lunch with friends doesn’t mean she was “never pregnant”. I know a couple who went to the mall on their way home from the hospital after having their baby. Crazy, I know.

    Also, Ive known plenty of woman who pop right back to their normal size after having babies.

  • Audrey

    #12 “Burning up the phone” usually to most people means talking on the phone a lot. Since I do not live with her or know her intimately, I cannot presume to know if she is self-centered or Tom’s responsiblity in regards to child visitation.

    I do know that it is rude to yell. You probably should take you finger off of the caps button.

  • Cari

    @ Audrey:

    Lisa Smith has been repeatedly warned about using all caps. And for about 5 or so posts, she did great. She must’ve had a relapse, I suppose. 😉

    Moderators? Would you please remind her one more time? 🙂

  • Hannah

    Oh come on people! Of course she was pregnant, I don’t think she would be that derranged. And even if she was crazy enough to fake it, I’m sure someone would have blown that story wide open a while ago. I have the same body type as Nicole, (tall, thin/boyish) and I went back to my old body pretty fast after both of my pregnancies. It has everything to do with the individual. Also, she worked out throughout her pregnancy, and that definetly helps keep everything firm, especially the tummy area. Don’t hate on Nicole, just be happy for her jeez! A new baby is always a reason to be happy for someone 🙂

  • Hannah

    Oops, I mean “deranged”. Sorry!

  • Rosy J

    Hanah, I am thrilled for Nicole and Keith. They are so happy with the new addition to their family. For Nicole, this is a dream come true. She always wanted to experience child birth. It looks like her prayers were answered. She recently purchased a house near her older children in BH and hopefully will be able to spend more time with them.

  • Rinoa

    I totally agree with you Hannah!

    Now in my own opinion, it seems to me that some women on here must be jealous of how great Nicole looks. Saying that she faked being pregnant??? Come on!

  • Bee

    Nicole looks awesome!
    She loks so good because she worked out alot even during pregnancy & didnt gain much weight.

  • Tracy

    Why is it that when someone says something not positive about a celebrity they must be jealous. That’s such b.s. I think I look better than Nicole and I have 3 kids. She’s not that pretty anymore, she looks like a wax figure. But from the neck down, yes, she looks great. I assure you, I’m not jealous of anyone.
    Everyone is just having fun. Again, lighten up before you turn this into the next Just Jared.

  • ~sarah~

    My first thought was…I would love to look like that 2 weeks after baby, however I would have to start out about a million lbs lighter just like her. My second reaction was a chuckle…man she looks exhausted, she needs coffee. I know that feeling and I’m looking forward to the new baby but not the sleep deprivation.

  • Liz

    Bella and Connor were seen at the Whole Foods store in Nashville-Green Hills area on July 15. Green Hills area. Starbucks where Nicole and Keith go in that area. The kids were with a friend or an assistant so no one knew who they were. They probably fly on a private jet. So they were there or could still be. How do I know? I saw them at the Whole Foods store. Nice looking teenagers.

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