Honor Marie Warren In Ok! Spain

More pictures after the jump !

Source : Ok!

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  1. m

    she’s a cutie- but the pic is semi bizarre b/c it seems they’re both naked under a blanket! definitely warrants an LOL

  2. Debsa

    The spitting image of her dad… so cute 🙂

  3. Gorgeous family – love Honor’s hair!

  4. She does look like Cash – sooo sweet!


    They seem like such a loving couple.. it is nice that they are
    photographed together

  6. Sophie

    What adorable photos, she looks like a little mini-me of Cash bless her!

  7. Miapocca

    Never like ALba, she is miling the motherhood thing into getting fans, because her fans were pretty much prebuscent teen males who she lost by birthing..she doesnt appeal to the people she snubs and now suddenly she is brown..for someone who dissed the latino and broiwn and black community its quite a turn around..you certianly would see her on the mor eminority media stuff….ok face with no substance

  8. Rosy J

    They make a lovely family. Baby Honor Marie is gorgeous!

  9. MDD

    ‘Miapocca ‘ give it a rest. We ALL say things we regret and particularly with celebs they get misquoted and taken out of content.

    Just a thought 🙂

  10. Debutante

    Beautiful, but She really has no career. Having this baby sure has gotten her alot of magazine covers !

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